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Providing you with professional advice and planning assistance direct from the industry’s long serving team, this comprehensive design service covers all the bases with a complete system plans to help you install your best professional system with confidence. Your computer drawn design package includes an itemized bill of quantities you need to complete the project.


We are an independent irrigation and water resources engineering firm that does not represent any proprietary product or manufacturer. As Professional Engineers, we are held to professional codes of ethics. Irrigation and water feature Consulting always depends its clients best interest in maintaining valuable landscape: we advocate to ensure the proper water source is found, adequate pressure and flow is available, design our systems for water conservation, and verify the proper product and installation methods are used.


As professional contractors,Our twenty year industry commitment revolves around precise water management and conservation. We achieve these goals using vital tools such as client education, accurate system design, careful implementation, and thorough ongoing maintenance and management. We have a proven track record of reducing irrigation water consumption by as much as 70%, while still significantly improving landscape health.

Welcome to Indian Farmer

Indian Farmer is one of the leading designers, consultants and contractors in PAN India for Lanscape irrigation and Water features projects.

Our Design Work Begins At..

  • Collect and analyze the site information
  • Analyzing the water source and water availability at site
  • Selection of sprinklers and drippers for irrigation systems
  • Selection of fountain nozzles and water effects for water features
  • Designing of pipe lines- Pressure and flow calculations
  • Selection of valves and control equipments
  • Selection of automation devices timers and controllers panels
  • Pump selection design process
  • Preparation of design drawings and sectional details
  • Preparation of design calculations and specification sheets

Our Installation Work Begins At..

  • Site marking and site storage
  • Supply of materials
  • Laying of main Pipe lines
  • Laying of sub main/lateral pipe lines
  • Fixing of sprinklers/Dripper nozzles for Irrigation systems
  • Fixing of Fountain nozzles/Under water lights for Fountains
  • laying of Cables for Automation/Pumps/Lights
  • Installation of Valves/Control equipments
  • Installation of Pumps/Automation equipments
  • Testing and commissioning of the systems

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  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Software Parks
  • Villas and Homes
  • Larsen and Turbo

Why Choose Us

We are dealing with design, plan Construction, supply of spares operation and Maintenance.

Effective design

We design the system with better hydraulic efficiency and cost economy.

Dedicated team

We have dedicated team for design, Installation, material mobilization and statuary obligations Our engineers are trained at OEM factory from USA and certified by IPA.

After sales support

We have maintenance team and sufficient spares to attend the services on call.

Latest Technology

We use updated latest techonology for products and services. Our engineers are trained in latest international trends every year by product manufacturers.

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